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When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the Lord your God for the good land he has given you.
Deuteronomy 8:10 NIV

Welcome to McBride Angus Farms

Life at McBride Angus Farms is pretty special, for our family and our cattle! Our focus is always on faith, family, farm, and fun. Daily, we strive to fulfill our mission statement. You are welcome to read it here.

Farming provides a rewarding lifestyle. From West Tennessee to Central Iowa, our family has farming roots that go back for generations. We’ve found farming to provide a great environment to raise children and grandchildren. But why Angus cattle?

Not only are Angus cows recognized for their tremendous mothering abilities, but their calves are also known for having the most highly-marbled, delicious meat. For over 20 years, our family has been refining our herd of quality Angus cattle by selectively breeding them for industry-leading traits. Today, our almost 200 mama cows reside on the rolling hills of northern Coffee County in Middle Tennessee where our family provides them with wholesome feed and the best possible care.

Each spring, cows and yearling bulls are offered at an on-farm production sale. In addition, other animals are marketed directly to other cattlemen through private treaty sales. Calves destined for consumption rather than breeding are grain finished for 60-90 days and then processed at McBride Meats Co. and offered for sale at the on-farm store and at the McBride Meats butcher shop in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

The McBride Family works together on the farm

A True Family-Run Business

Mark & Carol

Owners Mark and Carol provide direct assistance in all aspects of the farm business especially in the area of beef sales.

Matthew and Amanda McBride

Matthew & Amanda

Son Matthew and daughter-in-law Amanda own and manage McBride Meats Company and provide overall farm management for McBride Angus Farms from breeding to marketing. Amanda also handles all areas of herd health management and is the primary artificial insemination breeding technician. They are the parents of Meredith, Joanna and William.

Andrew & Katie

Son Andrew and daughter-in-law Katie live nearby with their three sons, Levi, Silas and Miles.


Our lovable Aussie-Doodle Farm Mascot

Stephan and Megan McBride

Stephen & Megan

 Son Stephen and daughter-in-law Megan along with granddaughter Heidi currently reside in Indiana where Stephen recently earned his PhD in Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication at Purdue University.  He serves as Assistant Director of Student Success for the Purdue Graduate School of Engineering.


Our lovable Aussie-Doodle Farm Mascot

McBride Angus Farms is a local business with a mission

Our Mission

McBride Angus Farms is family owned and operated and seeks to serve God by:

  • sharing His love with others,
  • showing respect for the land and animals he has allowed us to manage,
  • supplying other farmers with genetics that will improve their herds and livelihoods, and
  • improving the diets and quality of life of our customers by providing them with nutritious beef protein.

We seek to structure and manage our farms in ways that are sustainable, allowing future generations the opportunity to continue this mission.

What others are saying about McBride Angus Farms

  • We are thoroughly satisfied with McBride Angus Farms!!  The freshest and most flavorful beef we have ever had.  Great prices and awesome customer service!  Absolutely will buy from them again!

    Stephen S.

  • The McBrides are great people in our community that you can count on and trust.  They provide the best beef and customer service.

    Lucas M.

  • Highly recommend their ground beef and roasts.  The ground beef has great flavor.  It has just the right amount of fat for flavor without being too greasy.  Their roasts are super tender and delicious.

    Jason W.

  • McBride Angus Farms has the best filets I have ever had.  They keep a buttery soft texture even if they are cooked almost well done.

    Ashley R.

  • With 8 kids, making everyone happy at the dinner table is nearly impossible. However, recently, our family purchased some ground beef that we made meatball subs with from McBride's. At the dinner table the children asked where did the meatballs come from. They were the best they'd ever had! So glad we decided to try!


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