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Proverbs 21:5 CSB

Preorder Beef for your Family

We offer beef in large quantity discounts:

Full Beef $3000
Half Beef $1575
Quarter Beef $825

If you purchase a half or full beef, we will provide you with a cut sheet which allows you to instruct us on the specifics of how you want your beef processed, which cuts you prefer, and how you prefer them (boneless or bone-in ribeye, thickness of steaks, etc). Based on your choices you can expect a half beef to average approximately 180-200 lbs of meat. Likewise, a full beef should yield 360-400 lbs and a quarter will be approximately 90-100 lbs.

You may also ask us to provide you with bundle box options of your favorite cuts if you prefer. Several bundle box options are available.

Preorder beef from McBrides Angus Farm

Frequently Asked Questions


How much freezer space will my order take up?

A half beef will typically have the volume of 3-4 large igloo style coolers.


Can I receive my beef fresh or must it be frozen?

All of our beef is completely frozen when it leaves our processing facility.


How long will beef maintain its quality?

It is safe to eat indefinitely, however steaks and roasts should be eaten within 6-12 months and ground beef within 4 months to maintain top quality according to the FDA.

What others are saying about McBride Angus Farms

  • We are thoroughly satisfied with McBride Angus Farms!!  The freshest and most flavorful beef we have ever had.  Great prices and awesome customer service!  Absolutely will buy from them again!

    Stephen S.

  • The McBrides are great people in our community that you can count on and trust.  They provide the best beef and customer service.

    Lucas M.

  • Highly recommend their ground beef and roasts.  The ground beef has great flavor.  It has just the right amount of fat for flavor without being too greasy.  Their roasts are super tender and delicious.

    Jason W.

  • McBride Angus Farms has the best filets I have ever had.  They keep a buttery soft texture even if they are cooked almost well done.

    Ashley R.

  • With 8 kids, making everyone happy at the dinner table is nearly impossible. However, recently, our family purchased some ground beef that we made meatball subs with from McBride's. At the dinner table the children asked where did the meatballs come from. They were the best they'd ever had! So glad we decided to try!